photo by G. Lemay

Jessica Webb

“Chloe was an asset to what I will always look back on as one of the happiest days of my life. Her warm and calm nature was exactly what I needed to be able to push through the difficult moments and she was constantly providing my husband and I with the emotional and physical support that was needed. There were many times when I would think about something I needed whether it was a drink or a change in position and she was always there with it, without me having to ask. She was able to sense what I needed at any given moment. I will be recommending Chloe to anyone I know looking for a doula who has a wealth of knowledge and a natural gift of helping women as they begin their journey into motherhood.”

Krista & Chris

“We knew almost immediately that Chloe would be perfect as our birth and postpartum doula.  She was a good listener during our pre-birth sessions and her calm and intuitive nature was exactly what we needed at our home birth. I don’t think my birth experience would have been as wonderful without her.

During my postpartum care, Chloe always worked hard and often anticipated my needs. My toddler, baby and I looked forward to her visits and it felt like a good friend was coming over.  We really can’t say enough good things about Chloe. We recommend her to any expecting family!”

Carla Budd

Chloe was an amazing help from beginning to end.  Her ability to work with the mom-to-be in creating a birth plan goes into greater detail than with a midwife alone, making it possible to really have the birth the way you want it, including ease and peace!  She has a very calming presence and was a joy to have in the room with my husband and best friend.  Her after care is wonderful too, she has a nurturing way and always has smiles to share.”

Sherry Aulin

“I cannot say enough about how fantastic Chloe was during my labour. In retrospect, I can say that my husband did not fully understand the value of a doula prior the birth of our son – this experience with Chloe really opened our eyes to how important a knowledgeable and caring doula can be in achieving a positive birth experience.
Chloe was a crucial piece in my being able to go through with my birth plan of having a natural delivery. She knew all the right things to do in the process, from bringing candles to set the mood, feeding me drinks and food to keep my energy up, providing words of encouragement, and knowing all the right pressure points to help with my pain. She really understood my needs and did whatever she could to make sure they were met. She was also an amazing coach for my husband and helped him to be a more effective support for me through the labour and delivery process.
I would no doubt recommend Chloe to anyone I know looking for a doula and would love to have her take part in our next child’s birth.”


“Chloe was a great help in the months leading up to the birth as she provided us with a lot of resources and guidance on preparing our birth plan. During the birth she was calm, giving, and thoughtful, and helped me to stay relaxed. She made it possible for my partner to take much needed breaks and not have to leave me to get water, snacks, etc. When she came for the first much needed visit after Zoe was born, she made sure I took time to sit down and eat, and have a nap while my partner went out to walk the dog. I was very happy to have already booked 40 hours of post-partum care with her. Every time, she took charge of things and provided whatever help we needed that day to allow us time to rest and recharge. She also provided support when we had challenges with breast-feeding and helping Zoe sleep better.”


photo by M. Borge

Emily Baxter

“Chloe’s presence was a gift in our home!  As a mother of 3 I felt overwhelmed by what wa s required of me in helping my older children to adjust to our new baby, caring for our home, and waking with our newest in the early morning hours.  Chloe came in with a calm and confident presence.  I felt truly reassured when she’d arrive to assist me.  She took time with my 4 yr old boy, making him feel special and giving him the attention he deserved.  She cared for my baby as if she were her own while I took time to have a shower, take a nap or get some quality time in with my son.  She listened without judgement while I talked about the challenges I was facing.  Chloe was thorough in her assessment of my needs and supported me in getting a handle on our new family dynamic.  As a mother, and a doula myself: I highly recommend Chloe for postpartum support to new and seasoned mamas!  Her skills, knowledge, warm manner & genuine passion for this work make her an invaluable support in the postpartum period.”

Heather Thomas

“Chloe was instrumental in helping us understand and learn to manage life with our new baby boy twins. I was exhausted and overwhelmed when I first met Chloe but within a few months of working with her, I felt much more confident and better equipped to provide the care that both myself and my little boys needed. We’re really grateful for such a positive start in life with them.”

Catherine Zaborowska

“I decided to hire a post partum doula when I found out I was having twins because we knew it would tough once we brought the babies home.  Chloe’s visits were a lifesaver in our new busy routines.  Every time, she came, she quickly figured out what would help me most, either holding one baby while I nursed the other, helping me with bath time, helping with food prep, playing with the babies and, taking them for walks in order for me to have some much needed time off.  Chloe was amazing with the babies; it’s wonderful to meet someone who clearly loves what they do.  She has offered me tons of advice and given me lots of helpful “tricks” in infant care that have helped tremendously.  Chloe is a great listener and always offered a sympathetic ear when I desperately needed one.  She was also always easily reached by email in case something came up between visits.”

Gabrielle Stigant

“Chloe was a wonderful help during that first blurry month of motherhood.  I felt completely comfortable placing my baby in her hands while I was able to take care of my needs, including sleep.  Chloe is an easy-going, respectful individual, who has extensive knowledge of babies and their needs.  It was a wonderful gift having her be apart of that first important phase in adjusting to motherhood. Thank you Chloe!”


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