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What is placenta encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the method of preparing a woman’s own placenta for ingestion.  It involves conscious handling of the placenta after birth (to prevent contamination), dehydrating it, pulverizing it and finally putting it into capsules for consumption by the Mother.

Why do people eat placenta?

Placentophagy (placenta consumption) is a practice that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Placenta is a common ingredient in many TCM preparations for a wide variety of ailments.  It is used to augment Qi (energy), nourish blood, and augment kidney function. In the birth process women lose, on average, 1/8 – 1/10 of their blood volume.  The placenta may be consumed to make up for this loss by giving the new mother essential fats, amino acids, large amounts of iron and essential hormones to aid the body in self recovery after birth. Studies show that placenta is extremely nutrient rich: high in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6.  It is also a rich source of your own natural hormones, making it perfectly made for you. Experts agree that the placenta retains hormones, and thus reintroducing them to your system may ease the symptoms of hormonal fluctuation. Dried placenta has been proven to increase a breast-feeding mother’s milk supply.  In one study, 181 out of 210 women who were given dried placenta to increase milk supply had positive results and saw an increase in their milk supply. [Placenta as a Lactagogon; Gynaecologia 138: 617-627, 1954] Nearly all mammals eat their placenta after giving birth- even herbivorous (vegetarian) ones!  Several vegetarian clients of mine have chosen to take placenta capsules and afterward reported feeling revitalized and happy they did so.  It only makes sense, given the fact that mammals have been benefiting from eating their placenta for hundreds of millions of years, that we can only gain from doing so too!

What are the benefits of placentophagy?

  • hormonal balance 
  • increased milk supply
  • increased energy
  • decreased fatigue
  • decreased postpartum anemia

It is also thought that placenta capsules help:

  • you recover more quickly from birth
  • to bring your body back into balance
  • to bring your energy and emotions into balance
  • prevent the “baby blues” and/or postpartum depression and anxiety
  • decrease lochia and shorten the postpartum bleeding time
  • involution of the uterus (return to it’s pre-pregnant size)

What are the components of placenta that are beneficial to the postpartum woman?

  • Gonadotrophin: the precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone
  • Prolactin: promotes lactation
  • Oxytocin: for pain relief and bonding of mother and infant
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone: boosts energy and helps recovery from stressful events
  • Cortisone: combats stress and unlocks energy stores
  • Interferon: stimulates the immune system to protect against infections
  • Prostaglandins: anti-inflammatory
  • Hemoglobin: replenishes iron deficiency and anemia (a common postpartum condition)
  • Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII: stops bleeding and enhances wound healing
  • Gammaglobulin: immune booster that helps protect against postpartum infections

Your Investment:

  • $250 for full encapsulation services including pick up & delivery in Vancouver (an extra fuel charge will apply for longer distances)
  • Extras:
    • Placenta Prints (3 blood prints) $20 
    • Dried Umbilical Cord Keepsake (FREE) included with encapsulation services


-What method of preparation do you offer?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)– in Traditional Chinese Medicine prepared placenta is called Zî hé chē and it has been used for thousands of years in their remedies.  Birth is one of the only times in a woman’s life when she loses such large amounts of Qi (‘chi’) energy.  TCM method involves steaming the placenta with ginger and myrrh before dehydration, to make it a ‘warming’ food that will replenish a woman’s Qi.

-What makes your services eco-conscious?

There are many steps in the process in which I have chosen to pay more money to ensure my practices are as ecologically friendly as possible. The main thing is that I do not use bleach as a disinfectant because although it is cheap, it causes significant water & air pollution and harms wildlife populations. Instead, I pay about ten times the price for a hospital grade disinfectant called Accel PREVention. It uses Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Technology and is a General Virucide, Bactericide, Fungicide, Tuberculocide.

-How do we make sure to handle the placenta properly following the birth?

Treat it like food, refrigerate it as soon as possible if encapsulation will be within 3 days, or lay it flat and freeze if it will be longer than 3 days.  Placentas that have been sent to pathology at the hospital are no longer suitable for consumption. If you had a suspected infection during birth (often indicated by fever), ask your care provider if your placenta is still safe for consumption.

-What kind of capsules do you use?

Vegetarian (plant based, not gelatin), size 00 (about the size of a multivitamin)

-How do I sign up for this service?

Click here to fill out my online registration form  

This is to be completed before the birth of your baby to ensure enrolment. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure my services.

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“I feel that my placenta capsules have been wonderful medicine for me. Recovery from my first birth was long and emotionally difficult but this second postpartum period was infinitely easier. I attribute much of my speedy return to a sense of balance to the placenta pills. I suffered from undiagnosed postpartum depression for much of the first year after my first child. I had very little energy and clarity of mind in the first months, despite uncharacteristcally good sleep for the newborn phase. This time I was so much more content and had plenty of energy and I feel that was from taking the placenta capsules. I now take them just when I am feeling particularly run down from interrupted and little sleep and also when I start to suffer from insomnia. I find that the pills help me rest better and stay balanced. As a vegetarian and former vegan I was reluctant at first but am very glad I chose to encapsulate this natural and incredible source of medicine.” – Krista

“I was originally pretty freaked out by the idea of consuming my placenta, but I had read enough about the benefits that I wanted to give it a try. My capsules were delivered to me on day 3 post-partum, in the midst of the worst of the post-birth hormone crash, and it was like instant relief. They were in a cute little canister, very professionally presented with their ‘Urban Doula’ logo, and totally non-intimidating. Just like the prenatal vitamins I had been taking all along. I highly recommend every mother try them!! I still have some hoarded in my freezer that I take when I’m feeling particularly down or sleep deprived, and I notice a real difference. Not sure what I’ll do when I run out!” – Natalie deGoey

“I never felt like a ‘new mom zombie’, and I know I owe it to my placenta capsules. It definitely helped dealing with the lack of sleep, low energy days, mood swings (when emotions washed over me) and gave my milk production a boost on lower supply days. I wish I still had some I could take here and there today! Placenta encapsulation comes in second on my list of recommendations for mamas to be – right after hiring a doula.” – Jenny Obermeier

I spoke to several people in the city who offer this service and chose you because you were so thorough and professional on the phone.  I really appreciated the detail you gave around your sterilization and encapsulation procedure and also your practical approach to payment and pick up/ drop off and knowing the realities of birth, recovery and new borns!  I feel I’m in good hands.” – Expectant Mom, VLD


The information on this page has not been evaluated by Health Canada. The services offered by Urban Doula are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Families who choose to utilize the services on this page take full responsibility of their own health and for researching and using the remedies.

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