Meet Chloe

I was born on Vancouver Island and raised on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  Growing up in a small community I gained a deep appreciation for nature and the importance of relationships.  Following my passion for nature and botany in particular, I went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in plant biology at UBC.

In between working towards my degree I traveled for a year on my own through Fiji, Australia and South East Asia, got married to my wonderful husband Chris, and started a career in childcare.  I worked in the capacity of a nanny with Vancouver families for 7 years and always thoroughly enjoyed my time with infants, children and their families.  Starting a family of our own is something my husband and I looked forward to for many years and we welcomed our daughter Sage into our lives December 2013 at a home water birth.

I absolutely love everything to do with birth and babies. I am passionate about teaching prenatal education and hope to empower birthers to exercise their right to informed decision making, no matter what they are wanting in their birth. As a doula I have noticed a big difference over the years with my clients who took Hypnobabies Prenatal Classes. They were always very well informed, calm, confident, and had overall much smoother joyful births. This observation led me to become a Hypno-Doula and then a Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Instructor. (To view my current class schedule, click here).

My basic philosophy regarding birth is that it is best left alone and kept simple. The less meddling we do to this physiological process, the better. I encourage women to rely on their innate abilities and to trust their intuition. Nature didn’t make a mistake with the female pelvis- your body is not a lemon! It is my belief that we would do well as a culture to give due appreciation to the emotional and mental aspects of giving birth in order to allow for fewer complications (such as “failure to progress”) and limit interfering with the natural process. I strongly encourage parents to take responsibility for their births and make darn sure their care provider is someone who respects their right to informed decision making. This requires some effort on the part of the birthing parent(s) to seek out information and do their own research but highly increases their likelihood of having a positive birth experience. I believe birth is an extremely important and sensitive time for the baby and that they must be treated with the upmost respect and gentle care.

I have been a doula now for over two years and have attended over 60 births.

The attributes that I embody which serve me as a doula are compassion, diligence, integrity, intuition, strength and groundedness.
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Chloe Dierkes, BSc, HCHI

  • Certified Hypnobabies Instructor
  • Placenta Encapsulator
  • Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula
  • Waterbirth Credentials
  • Hypno Doula
  • Creator of the Vancouver Doula Network

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p: 604.314.9683


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